Fast Fourier transform support in PyTorch

I am trying to implement Multimodal Compact Bilinear Pooling for Visual Question Answering and Visual Grounding. For bilinear pooling, they use FFT and IFFT. But I couldn’t find documentation for FFT in PyTorch, will FFT operation be added to the library later or is it already implemented and not available in the documentation.

What about

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@QuantScientist, @smth It has an autograd issue,

The autograd issue seems to be fixed now.

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@AashishV were you able to implement it?

No, I just saw the issue was solved yesterday. Also, I am working on different projects now. So, I will not be able to do it for some time now.

I have implemented a model here. Currently training it to see if results match.

fft and ifft will be available in next release

hi, how could I useFFT in the unstable version now, because it could not be install by pip or conda?thank you!

You can install from source or wait for a couple days for the next release.