Followup Email for First Time Posters with Posting Tips

It might prove helpful to have an automated email go out congratulating them on their first question/post and also providing some bullet point tips that they can use to improve the post quality. For example:

Thank you [name] for your first post on PyTorch Forums! Your post is being reviewed by other Torchers and will help grow our community.
Here are some tips to help your post be easier to find and view:

  • Does your post title accurately describe the problem or error code?
    • I.e. Vague titles like “how to deal with problem” tend to not get viewed as often. Instead, it’s better to describe the problem or copy the error code —> “AttributeError: module has no attribute ‘Field’” This will also help other users to more easily find the same answer when they run into a similar problem.
  • Is the code you copied wrapped in backticks?
    • For example placing “`” around your code will make it inline and placing triple “```” around your code will make it into a code snippet. This will be much easier to read by other Torchers.
  • Is your code simplified and reproducible?
    • Copying your actual production code might be difficult for others to read or find the issue. Additionally, it may depend on other libraries others in the community do not use or have.
      - First, you may want to try to simplify your code so it can be as short as possible that still reproduces the error. and can be copied and run.
      - Second, create a torch.rand() tensor or other appropriate sample data of the appropriate size. This way other users can copy the code and see the same error right away.

Anyways, I just think something like this might help new users starting out to get the help they need quicker.