Get Authorization to Analyze Discussion Forum Data

We are performing some exploratory analysis on the crowd-sourced Software Engineering related Q&A Platforms, such as Stack Overflow (SO) questions and answers or GitHub (GH) issues. PyTorch is another Q&A platform that has been gaining popularity in the research arena almost exponentially over the past few years.
Having said that, can we collect the public posts available on the PyTorch Discussion Forum and perform topic modeling analysis? May we make that dataset and analysis results publicly available? There is a lot of analysis like this available for GitHub and SO, but not for PyTorch.
I am reaching out to the admins (@ptrblck, @smth ) as in the Terms of Service of the forum there was a mention about “no unauthorized automated means to compile information”.

What is the process for obtaining this authorization?
If we do not publish the dataset, are we authorized to publish the analysis?

Thanks in advance.