Get the latest pytorch with pip

I wonder why all the discussions on upgrading pytorch points to the conda version, but not the pip version?

Can we not get the latest pytorch through pip upgrade?

PyTorch is now available for more or less a week on PyPI, so I guess it’s too new to see a lot of threads :wink:

Doesn’t look its on PyPI. I’m using pip version from custom PyPI without any problems.

pip install pytorch==
Collecting pytorch==
  Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement pytorch== (from versions: 0.1.2)
No matching distribution found for pytorch==


pip install torch

oh, indeed. As I see from, this is cuda 8.0 build. Not really what I expected

This helped me on ubuntu 16, python3.6

pip install --upgrade torch torchvision


This should be on pytorchs install site. Caused some head scratching here too, because the example command there simply throws “Requirement already satisfied”, doing nothing else.

this works after upgrade numpy.
pip install --upgrade numpy
Version: 1.24.0