Glow example run error

cloned the repo. All unit tests pass. Tried running the mnist and run in to this issue, any ideas?

$:/hdd1/glow/build_Debug$ ./bin/mnist
WARNING: Logging before InitGoogleLogging() is written to STDERR
I0712 13:22:43.377008 18779 mnist.cpp:46] Loading the mnist database.
I0712 13:22:53.249351 18779 mnist.cpp:81] Loaded 50000 images.
mnist: …/lib/Graph/NodeValue.cpp:25: glow::NodeValue::NodeValue(glow::Node*): Assertion `(!N || (N->getNumResults() == 1)) && “Constructing a value for a multi-res node”’ failed.

Thanks for reporting this! It was broken by a PR from last week. I’ve put up a fix here.

Works with the fix. Thanks for providing a solution rightaway.