Glow master branch ninja test

I git cloned
and followed the build instructions. Tried with both release and debug build mode

When I ran ninja test, it gave segfault for the tests.

I am running on Ubuntu18.04.02

I am missing something?

The following tests FAILED:
	  1 - BackendCorrectnessTest (SEGFAULT)
	  2 - BackendTest (SEGFAULT)
	  6 - DeviceManagerTest (SEGFAULT)
	 11 - GradCheckTest (SEGFAULT)
	 17 - HyphenTest (SEGFAULT)
	 21 - MLTest (SEGFAULT)
	 25 - OperatorTest (SEGFAULT)
	 28 - QuantizationTest (SEGFAULT)
	 29 - TensorsTest (SEGFAULT)
	 31 - TraceEventsTest (SEGFAULT)

Hi Andre, no idea what’s going wrong here without additional details. Can you run one of these tests, e.g. OperatorTest, perhaps with a debugger, and give more details, like a backtrace?