[GLOW] Question about executing image-classifier

hi i have a question about executing /bin/image-classifier.

I built the glow successfully and ran the image-classifier.

But it doesn’t work ;(

I think build is successful because i check build test by ‘ninja test’ and all pass.

Error code is :
Error at file /path/glow/lib/Importer/ONNXModelLoader.cpp line 172 “Can’t find the model or network files.”
Encountered an error, exiting.

I already downloaded all models by utils/download_onnx_models.sh.

What should I do ??? Plz help me !

If you’re running a caffe2 model you might need to also run utils/download_caffe2_models.sh. What’s the full command line you are using to run image-classifier? You need to specify the path to the models you’ve downloaded.