Google Summer of Code opportunity with BeagleBoard and Bela

BeagleBoard are looking for students interested in bringing PyTorch to the Bela ( embedded platform for musical and interactive computing as part of this year’s Google Summer of Code.

Bela is an embedded computing platform for creating beautifully responsive interactive projects. Bela provides ultra-low latency, high quality audio, analog and digital I/O in a tiny self-contained package that can be easily embedded into a huge range of applications. Built on the BeagleBone family of open-source embedded computers, Bela combines the processing power of an embedded computer with the timing precision and connectivity of a microcontroller.

This project would involve developing tools and workflows for combining PyTorch with Bela, beginning with streamlining the compilation and distribution of libtorch for Bela, and investigating its performance through creating benchmarks and comparisons. Further objectives would then include creating a small examples library including Bela web GUIs, and creating project templates both in Python and for Bela.

more information:


Not a student, but challenge accepted. Just bought the Bela starter kit

I’m a current graduate student working with Bela and would love to have libtorch running properly on that system. I’ve made several attempts at installation via different mechanisms, but will follow this thread to hopefully see some successful updates!