GPModel is not defined


Please, I build and pretrained this model and i was successful in saving the model correctly in the same jupyter notebook where i built the model as shown in the snippet but when i tried to load the model using the last code in the last cell of the snippet in a new notebook to make predictions, it keeps on giving the output that the GPModel is not defined. I would be delighted if anyone could kindly help.

Your screenshot doesn’t show any error message as I’m unsure what exactly is failing. Could you add more information about the actual failure?
PS: you can post code snippets by wrapping them into three backticks ```.

The second snippet is the output i got when trying to load and use the model in anew notebook.

Hello, i am just wondering if anyone knows what the problem could have been. Thanks.

You would need to define the model or import it’s definition as seen in the first picture assuming you are not doing so in previous cells.

Thank you for replying but i would like to ask how i could do this

Copy the class GPModel definition from your first screenshot into your other script.