GPUs allowed in PyTorch

Hello, is there any table where can I check which GPUs are compatible with pyTorch?
For example, geforce gtx/rtx models?

I think pytorch can use on every GPU which can work with CUDA, you may check the website for reference

Yes, but im talking about a Distributed Neural Network. I tried to execute it on Tesla series with < 3.x compute capabilite and it doesnt work. So, I want to make sure if any GPU with > 3.x will work.

PyTorch works with compute cability 3.5 and higher. This is the Tesla Kepler series (K20, K40, K80).

What about RTX and GTX Series? It doesnt work?

Yes they do. You can check on this website for the compute capability of your GPU and it works, if your GPU has a capability of 3.5 or above.