Gradient Clipping is not work as expected

Hi all, I have an exploding gradient problem when train the minibatch for 150-200 epochs with batch size = 256 and there’s about 30-60 minibatch (This depends on my specific config). But I have an exploding gradient issues even if I add the code below.

As you can see this below images, notice that in step about 40k there’s the swing of gradients between ± 20k, 40k and 60k respectively. I don’t know why this happens because i use the clip_grad_value_ above. Also Using the learning rate decay from 0.01 to about 0.008 at step 40k.

Or do I need to update the weight parameters by myself something like this
But i think optimizer.step() should do the job and the clip_grad_value_ is an inplace operation so i don’t need to take the return value from function. Please correct if i did anything wrong. Thank you very much

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Hi it seems correct to me however, perhaps your norm bound is too high ? What happens when you lower it from 100 to 10 or so ?

Hi, I’ve decrease it to ±1 and it’s still have these problem. But there’s 2 different kind of computing the bound by norm or by a value. Maybe using value is a cause of the problem. I’m not sure about this

any solution? I still got this problem
Thank you

It seems correct to me. Can you, for example, try printing the L2 norm of gradients over iterations to see if the code is really working as expected?