Have you used Tensor Comprehensions in any interesting way?

UPDATE: Tensor Comprehensions (the C++ library and the Python wrapper) has been discontinued.
See: https://github.com/facebookresearch/TensorComprehensions/issues/610#issuecomment-439503312

Tensor Comprehensions:

  1. They’re currently Linux x64 only (maybe even practically Ubuntu only). I can’t even try them.
  2. No recurrence support yet? Should be fixable with a jitted outer loop over a TCed cell.
  3. No news for more than a year now. Is it abandoned?

The GitHub repo doesn’t seem to get much activity in the last year, so I assume the development is currently stopped.

Hello @larspars
My apologies for the long delay, I am sorry to say that the core TC team has moved on to other things.
As far as I know the project is not maintained anymore but someone from Facebook should voice in, I am not in a position to speak for them.

Seems that way, unfortunately.

Still: What are the difference between JIT and tensor_comprehensions for custom kernels?
For a discontinued project, I’m curious what we’re missing. What can’t the next nearest tool do (here JIT, I think?)? Is that limitation fundamental or just till it finds a place on the roadmap?