Having trouble installing Stable Diffusion

I have had a lot of trouble installing Stable Diffusion. I am new to Python and GUI’s, so I don’t have a lot of experience with it. I have followed three different Youtube tutorials and no luck. I have installed the latest version of Python which is 3.11.1 Could someone help me? Here’s my prompt window after clicking the file, webui-user.bat:

I went to https://download.pytorch.org/whl/torch/, and there are 4 files that have 1.12.1+cu113 in the url. Do I download and install all of them?

PyTorch 1.12.1+cu113 wasn’t built for Python 3.11, so you would need to downgrade Python to 3.7 - 3.10.

Thanks for the feedback. The Python requirement for Stable Diffusion is 3.10.6 so that is what I used this time after uninstalling Python 3.11 and starting over with Stable Diffusion’s install. This was the end of the cmd this time:

Am I suppose to enter that into the cmd like this and then press enter?:
python error 3

I don’t know which “installer” you are using and thus which input is expected. I’m referring to the install instructions from our website, which should be executed in your terminal.

I know I don’t know what I’m doing, so I went to that website. I have windows, so I downloaded Anaconda. It said that it contained Python, so I went through everything again and clicked webui-user.bat in the stable-diffusion-webui folder. I got this:

python error 4

When I went to that website, I figured that the only thing I needed to do was install Anaconda because it contains Python in it, so before installing everything again like also creating the stable-diffusion-webui folder through Git, I uninstalled Python before installing Anaconda. Another thing is that I don’t have Nvidia or AMD. My PC has an Intel. Not sure about the CUDA thing.

As previously mentioned your Python version was too new for the desired PyTorch wheel, so you would need to downgrade it. Create a new virtual conda environment with Python=3.10, and try to reinstall the binaries.