Help to make a little data augmentation in deep-text-recognition-benchmark

Hello from spain comunity.

I am working with this repository

I am using the TRAIN.PY file (to train) and i would like make a little data augmentation (random rotation between -45 and 45 degree) in the fly.
In the lane 31 you can see this

train_dataset = Batch_Balanced_Dataset(opt)

And line 145

   # train part
    image_tensors, labels = train_dataset.get_batch()
    image =

In, the method get_batch in Batch_Balanced_Dataset is something like this

def get_batch(self):
    balanced_batch_images = []
    balanced_batch_texts = []

    for i, data_loader_iter in enumerate(self.dataloader_iter_list):
            image, text =
            balanced_batch_texts += text
        except StopIteration:
            self.dataloader_iter_list[i] = iter(self.data_loader_list[i])
            image, text = self.dataloader_iter_list[i].next()
            balanced_batch_texts += text
        except ValueError:

    balanced_batch_images =, 0)

    return balanced_batch_images, balanced_batch_texts

This are link to the code

Could you help me to make that random rotation in the fly? I am not familiarized with dataloader in pytorch yet

The usual way would be to pass a transformation to your Dataset and apply it in the __getitem__.
Based on the linked code, it seems that you are using different abstractions, where get_batch is calling into a DataLoader. You could either try to apply the transformation directly in the get_batch method or add it to the LmdbDataset and apply it in the __getitem__. The data loading tutorial explains the common use case in more detail.

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