[HIRING] Senior Deep Learning Engineer @BLEND

[HIRING][INDIA Onsite / Remote]
Website: www.blendnow.com
About Blend:
We shop with our eyes - not with our fingers. Visuals inspire purchase.The way a product looks in photos and videos is the most important investment on websites, marketplaces and socials.Our mission is to enable merchants to sell like a pro on the internet.To execute our mission, we’re working on some of the toughest problems in engineering and machine learning.

Our mission is as much a product as a marketing one.

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What you’ll do

As a Deep Learning Engineer at blend you will be building DL models which does:

  • Background Removal:Removes foreground from background using image matting techniques.
  • Object Detection and image classification:

Skills we’re looking for

  • :factory: Experience in working with Image segmentation models
  • :open_book: Well versed in Deep Learning frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow etc.
  • :woman_technologist:t4: Python programming
  • :ok_hand:t6: 3+ years of experience in Deep learning
  • :racing_car: Knowledge in TensorRT and model quantization is a plus
  • :student: Constant updates with new researches in the domain


  • This is a very important role. You will work with the founders and machine learning team to focus on turning cutting edge vision research into compelling product experiences.
  • You will help identify the right research tasks to focus on. And also, set strategy on how we can bring these tasks to market in our products. Finally, deploy these models to production
  • End to End DL solution: You will work across the entire lifecycle of ML product development: building datasets, developing models and evaluating performance in production environments.
  • Prioritising deliverables over other experiments.

If you join us, you’ll be an early team member in helping shape:

  • Our future company culture
  • Our engineering practices
  • People that we hire
  • The direction & focus of our products

Hiring process:

4**-steps process:**

  • [30 min] Meet and Greet:
  • A screening call with a founder to get to know each other and resolve any doubts about the role and your candidature
  • [60 mins] Round 1 of technical discussions with a team member and discussing an assignment, which we assure is going to be fun and get you a glimpse of working at Blend.
  • [2 - 3 hours] You finishing up the assignment async and get back to us with your findings
  • [30 - 60 mins] Presenting your findings to the team.
  • [60 - 90 mins] A bar raiser tech discussion round with an external interviewer.
  • [60 mins]Cultural fit interview with the founders.

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I can help you regard your work.

Please get in touch via skype live:lauren_8606 or email at-lauren@cisinlabs.com.

Lauren W.

What you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise and I would be interested in this position.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson.56782@gmail.com
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