How can I connect previous logg file into new ones in tensorboard

I trained my model for 50 epochs. Now I want to continue training for other 15 epochs. so I start training with model.load_from_checkpoint("path")
but I don’t know how to show continuation of logs with tensorboard
I thought if I write same path of previous file logs, it continue but it didn’t show me the previous logs.

I’d be appreciate if you could help me because I need to see the previous training logs along with the new ones.
Part of source code is:

model1 = model(config)
model_with_previous = model1.load_from_checkpoint(base_path_ckpt)
trainer = pl.Trainer(
     max_steps = max_steps,
     gpus=(1 if torch.cuda.is_available() else 0),
%load_ext tensorboard
%tensorboard --logdir ./lightning_logs