How can I download torchaudio?

I am currently trying to download torchaudio for Conda to train an RNN on audio, but I can’t download it. I used the command conda install -c pytorch torchaudio , and also downloaded all of the required libraries, but when I try to download it, it says PackagesNotFoundError: The following packages are not available from current channels: torchaudio. Why does it happen, and how can I download torchaudio succesfully?


Which python version are you using?
Also have you tried using pip or installing the nightly builds?

I am using Python 3.7, and yes, I have tried to use pip and install the nightly builds and it didn’t work.

This is surprising indeed, have you tried in an empty conda environment? You might have conflicting packages?

@vincentqb is there something special about the packages?

Yes, I have tried and it doesn’t work.

pip install torchaudio works at this moment, do you have an error with it?

I have found out that torchaudio is not compatible with Windows 10, which I am using. Thank you for the help, anyway.

What platform are you using? torchaudio is currently available for linux and macos. Windows support is in progress, see this.

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It is usable but without mp3 support.