How can I put the model on my CUDA device in LibTorch?

I am not able to put my the model I’ve written in LibTorch on my CUDA device. I’m sure the CUDA device is working because I can put tensors on it.

I tried putting the copies of the model I stored on the CUDA device like so,

auto actor = Act_Net(low, high);
auto target_actor = Act_Net(low, high);
auto critic = Critic_Net();
auto target_critic = Critic_Net();


This returns the error…

/home/iii/tor/m_gym/multiv_normal.cpp:183:1: error: ‘actor’ does not name a type
  183 | actor->to(device);
      | ^~~~~
/home/iii/tor/m_gym/multiv_normal.cpp:184:1: error: ‘target_actor’ does not name a type
  184 | target_actor->to(device);
      | ^~~~~~~~~~~~
/home/iii/tor/m_gym/multiv_normal.cpp:185:1: error: ‘critic’ does not name a type
  185 | critic->to(device);
      | ^~~~~~
/home/iii/tor/m_gym/multiv_normal.cpp:186:1: error: ‘target_critic’ does not name a type
  186 | target_critic->to(device);
      | ^~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is what it looks like in VS Code.

enter image description here

The LibTorch documentation says…

“and also our model parameters should be moved to the correct device:”


Maybe I don’t know where in the script to put actor->to(device);?