How can I see the Activation Layer of pre-trained model?

I tried fine-tuning InceptionV3 model. by this page

but, I couldn’t see the activation layer like softmax. Is this normal ? or torchvision’s models don’t have the activation layer ?

In Keras, I always put activation layer on the last. So, it’s strange for me.

Thank you!

Using activation function is optional, though, I also consider adding activation function in the last layer is natural way.
You can add nn.Softmax() in the sequential-formed InceptionV3 model to get normalized output.

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Just as a side note in case you are trying to fine tune the model:
the usual loss functions for classification expect log probabilities (nn.LogSoftmax + nn.NLLLoss) or logits (no non-linearity + nn.CrossEntropyLoss).
The nn.Softmax layer is still fine to get the normalized probabilities as @kenmikanmi suggested.

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Thanks !
I understood how this model learn labels in pytorch.

Thanks for answer.