How do I apply softmax function channel wise over convolutional layer. Basically I want add key point block after 4th convolutional block in resnet-18

ResNet-18 consists of four sequential convolution blocks, and the output of the fully-connected (FC) layer following the
last convolution block is used as the global feature global. The output feature
map of a convolution block-l is denoted by Xl ∈ R
Then I have to add a local branch called keypoint block, which has an architecture similar to a convolution
block, to localize the distribution of key points. So I have to apply channel-wise softmax on the output
feature map of the keypoint layer to estimate the density of a key point over different image locations.
This softmax output is used as a channel-wise keypoint mask, which will allow
me to perform element-wise product of Xl and Ml. The resulting local feature f of block-l is calculated by a channel-wise summation over locations. But I do not how I can do this pytorch. Can anyone please help me.

If you hadn’t tagged ptrblck, I would have recommended using .reshape before and after the softmax.

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Thanks and sorry. I have edited my qtn and removed the tag. Sorry this is the 1st time when I have asked qtn. Sorry again.

Will F.softmax(x, 1) will do my job for channel wise softmax?

Let’s say you have N C H W tensors.
If you mean channel wise as in “for each pixel, a probability distribution over the channels”, then F.softmax(x, 1) is for you.
If you want “for each channel, a probability distribution over the pixels”, you should use F.softmax(x.reshape(x.size(0), x.size(1), -1), 2).view_as(x) instead. So you reshape to merge the last two dimensions, take the softmax over that, and reshape to match the input (for the latter, you know that view_as will work).

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Thank you so much, now I get it.