How do I forcefully release the memory of a tensor?

I want to forcefully release a tensor’s memory. I don’t care if there are references alive to it. Ideally, the tensor should throw an exception if it is accessed after being released.

I want this feature so that I release all tensor memory with a function like this:

def torch_gpu_remove_all():
    for obj in gc.get_objects():
            if torch.is_tensor(obj) or (
                hasattr(obj, "data") and torch.is_tensor(
                if obj.is_cuda:
                    del obj

This will allow me to easily free up the memory without restarting the Jupyter kernel. I find this ability quite useful, especially when a GPU is being used intermittently by multiple users. This allows holding on to all state except those on a GPU, which is better than completely resetting the state.