How does one obtain indicies from a dataloader?

I was looping through the data in a dataloader to create a new dataset. I need to know which data point are which and wanted to get their indicies (e.g. cifar10). How does one do that?


Train on a fraction of the data set


In the thread you posted is a valid solution:

Here is a small example using CIFAR10 from the other thread:


the thing I can’t generalize is how to do it to any dataloader, they seem to be specific to the corresponding data sets, or am I missing something?

The index is specific to a Dataset and you can return it in the __getitem__ function.
The DataLoader just calls the __getitem__ function from its Dataset and iterates it using the specified batch size.

I don’t think there is an easy way to modify a DataLoader to return the index. At least, I don’t have an idea, sorry.

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def __getitem__(self, index):
    data, target = self.cifar10[index]
    return data, target, index
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Hi @Brando_Miranda, did you solve your problem already? When I saw your last question what came into my mind was to extract the data from cifar10 as a numpy array, like this

data = cifar10.train_data

Checkout the source code here. Now you can work with this array, use your rule to get the indices you want and pass them do SubsetRandomSampler.

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Thanks! I wish that would have occurred to me to look into…

See here for a general solution: How to retrieve the sample indices of a mini-batch

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