How parametric Relu implemented internally

i am trying to multiply the input vector of size (4,5,32,32)
4 - batch size
5 - channels
32 x 32 feature size

As mentioned in the parametric channelwise relu i want to multiply a vector to each of the channels

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Sure. Can u pls provide suggestion for my question

Could you explain the parametric channelwise ReLU?
How would you like to multiply the input of [4, 5, 32, 32] with a tensor, i.e. what shape would the internal tensor have?

The internal tensor will be of 1x channel number. For 5 channel input we would have 1x5 as the internal tensor.

For [4 , 5, 32, 32]
We need to multiply 1 value for each of the [32,32] in each batch.
So 5 different values are used for each of the 5 channels in 32 x 32