How to add tensors of different shapes?


I would like to know if it is possible to add a tensor of size [8, 55, 110] and a tensor of size [8, 20, 40] to be [8, 75, 150]. I tried using:

but the issue is:

All tensors must either have the same shape (except in the concatenating dimension) or be empty.

Hi Joey!

It’s not clear that your desired operation makes sense.

What would you expect the result of “adding” these tensors together to be?

You start with 8 * 55 * 110 + 8 * 20 * 40 individual numbers, but you
want your result to consist of 8 * 75 * 150 individual numbers – many more.
Where are all these extra numbers supposed to come from and what should
they be equal to?


K. Frank