How to avoid graph break when i use `UserDefinedClassVariable`

I’m trying to create a custom tensor class that subclasses torch.Tensor.

class CustomTensor(torch.Tensor):
    def __new__(cls, x, *args, **kwargs):
        return super().__new__(cls, x, *args, **kwargs)
    def __init__(self, x):
        super().__init__() # optional = None
    def set_foo(self, foo: str): = foo

def module(t):
    b = torch.add(t, torch.tensor([2]))
    b = CustomTensor(b)
    return b

and then I’m attempting to use the torch.compile function
But i got errors like thiis

    raise Unsupported(msg)
torch._dynamo.exc.Unsupported: call_function UserDefinedClassVariable() [TensorVariable()] {}

is there a way to implement call_function UserDefinedClassVariable() [TensorVariable()] in dynamo?