How to build libtorch to get the output of the offical libtorch release?

I am trying to build libtorch, to make it usable from a cmake project, to get a result like the offical build in here: download pytorch org/libtorch/nightly/cpu/
is what I want to get, but I was unable to get it by following this exactly:

I used pytorch 1.4.0 tag on ubuntu16.04, and followed the above instructions exactly. What I got in pytorch_build folder is another folder named build, and in it a mess of cmake build “residuals” like the “CMakeFiles” folder, together with the lib, bin and include folders, but without the “share” folder.

Did anyone has success following these instructions?

The discussion I’ve found, here:
discuss pytorch org/t/building-libtorch-c-distribution-from-source/27519/2
triggers this issue:

which was closed with updated instructions, But I follow them and still do not get anything like the official build.

A similar question have been unanswered here: on question discuss pytorch org/t/how-to-build-libtorch-with-cmake/42723

Sorry for not including the full links, I’m a new user and discuss won’t let me include more than two links

Any ideas?
Should this be an issue to be opened on github?


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Once everything has been compiled you can find include/ lib/ and share/ directories inside pytorch/torch/

Thank for the answer! But how did It get there?! it’s a pretty messy build, when the build sprays files all over your source dir…

I imagine/hope this is not the way the official release is created.