How to calculate the instance-wise mean value in a batch?

Might a little confused about the question,I’ll clarify here.
Given a training batch with NCHW,I want to calculate the mean for each example, that’s to say, for every CHW, calculate a mean value. so the result is N1, N stands for the batch size.
then I 'll do a point-wise division in each instance, so that each point in each image is divided by their own sum.

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Here is a small code snippet calculating the mean for each sample in the batch:

N, C, H, W = 10, 3, 24, 24
x = torch.randn(N, C, H, W)
x_mean = x.view(N, -1).mean(1, keepdim=True)
x_norm = x / x_mean[:, :, None, None]

I’m not sure, if the last line is achieving, what you are trying to do.
Each point would be divided by the mean of the sample not its sum.


Seems right.I never run it But the api ‘torch.renorm’ works well of my own purpose.
I’m trying to complete a code to do image inpainting.If works, I’ll push it on github.
Thank u!

another question: Is there any existing API can achieve the follows:
a point-wise tensor calculation:
e.g, if threshold set to 0.3,all value less than 0.3 will replace by 0,otherwise the rest will be set to 1(Cuz they are bigger than 0.3)
Is there any API like this?

I think torch.where is what you are looking for:

x = torch.randn(10)
torch.where(x > 0.3, torch.tensor(1.0), torch.tensor(0.0))

Wow! Fantastic! Cuz my Pytorch Env lays on the remote host in my lab,it shows none documentation of function in module torch, such as torch.abs,torch,where, etc. and I 'm still getting familiar with this language, Thank you!

but this API do the delete operation on my pytorch env, it delete all the False condition value and form a new tensor with condition True.

I have an idea about this ,for instance ,if u want all value >0.3 to 1 and <0.3 to 0, U can minus this threshold,so u subtract 0.3 and then apply a sign op.

I don’t really understand the issue.
torch.where should already return a tensor with ones and zeros based on the condition you’ve provided.