How to compile pytorch in an executable?

Hi, Im trying to compile a game using a pytorch model for part of the game. I want it in an executable format. For some context, I am doing this using cx_freeze on windows

But im getting a compilation error as shown in the image below. (Sorry, was unable to extract the text efficiently)

I dug around the errors a bit, and saw that the issue was related to how _VF is importing torch from within torch itself? I am unsure how to amend this though.

Any suggestions as to how I can troubleshoot this? The only thing i need the model to be able to do in compilation after training the weights before all this is to feedforward an image/stack of images and come to a predicted action.

Any advise or suggestion is much appreciated! Thanks!

Same problem here.

Cannot freeze torch application appropriately, due to the import issue of ‘_VF’