How to continue training with DDP when loss is nan causing by amp

I tried to clear loss tenser to continue, but it didn’t work. It reports “RuntimeError: element 0 of tensors does not require grad and does not have a grad_fn”:

    with torch.cuda.amp.autocast():
        loss, _, _ = model(samples, mask_ratio=args.mask_ratio)

    loss_value = loss.item()
    if not math.isfinite(loss_value):
        print(f"Loss is {loss_value} in iter {data_iter_step}, continue training")
        loss = torch.zeros_like(loss)
        loss_value = 0
    loss /= accum_iter
    loss_scaler(loss, optimizer, parameters=model.parameters(),
                update_grad=(data_iter_step + 1) % accum_iter == 0)
    if (data_iter_step + 1) % accum_iter == 0:



    lr = optimizer.param_groups[0]["lr"]

    loss_value_reduce = misc.all_reduce_mean(loss_value)
    if log_writer is not None and (data_iter_step + 1) % accum_iter == 0:
        """ We use epoch_1000x as the x-axis in tensorboard.
        This calibrates different curves when batch size changes.
        epoch_1000x = int((data_iter_step / len(data_loader) + epoch) * 1000)
        log_writer.add_scalar('train_loss', loss_value_reduce, epoch_1000x)
        log_writer.add_scalar('lr', lr, epoch_1000x)

You should not expect to see NaN values in the loss calculation as it could indicate your model is overflowing internally.
If you still call backward on it, the gradients will also be NaNs and the GradScaler will skip the parameter update. Since nothing in the model changed, the next forward pass could still create the NaN loss and you should thus consider debugging which operation is causing this invalid value.

Skipping iterations in DDP might not be possible without a no_sync context manager as DDP expects to allreduce the gradient buckets.