How to convert the at::Byte tensor to boolean tensor in c++?

In recent, a pooling extension has been used in my code. But I use a higher version pytorch than introduced in the original repo. The pooling function has used two functions named masked_scatter_ and masked_fill_. In previous version of pytorch, it could be fine. However, when I use pytorch==1.4.0 the two functions output tens of warning. It refers to the variable mask is defined with at::kByte scalar type while the two function require the mask to become torch.bool type. Otherwise the program will output warning when the function is called. So my question is how to convert the type of mask from at::kByte to torch.bool (It is easy in python just using one line var.bool()). But how to implement that in C++ version. I can not find any reference in doc.

Would work?

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single tensor
torch::Tensor t = torch::randn({1});		
float f = t.item().toBFloat16();

multi tensor
std::memcpy(dataptr, tensor.data_ptr(), sizeof(torch::kU8/*tensortype*/) * tensor.numel());