How to define a model as a function of its parameters and get its Jacobian?

If one defines a model f, and x is training data, then we have f(x).
How can one concisely define a model f(w) as a function of its parameters w? Will PyTorch be able to differentiate it wrt w, like JAX/STAX can?

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Could you explain this use case a bit or post some dummy code what should be achieved?

Basically, I just want to linearize a model with respect to its weights to have f(w) = f(w0) + jac(w0)@(w-w0) when x is fixed.

JAX, for example, already has Jacobian and Hessian functions, and it’s quite low-lever, so it allows to set weights directly.

Given a model (inherited from nn.Module), calculate Jacobian of parameters of this model with respect to output vector.
This looks like a hack to do this,

Hi, I see that you are using the unsafe hack I previously proposed.
Just want to notice you that there seems to be a new elegant way to do this.
Please take a look at NN Module functional API · Issue #49171 · pytorch/pytorch · GitHub
which shall provide an elegant solution after 1.11 release.

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