How to exclude Embedding layer from Model.parameters()?

I use an embedding layer to project one-hot indices to continuous space. However, during the training, I don’t want to update the weight of it. How could I do that?

you can set the weight of the embedding layer to not require grad.

m = nn.Embedding(...)

Oh, I see. Thank you very much.

Oh, sorry. After setting Embedding.weit.requires_grad = False, an error was raised.

ValueError: optimizing a parameter that doesn't require gradients

The optimizer is used in the following way:

self.optimizer = optim.Adadelta(self.model.parameters(), lr=args.learning_rate)

And, model is defined as follow:

class DecomposableModel(nn.Module):
    def __init__(self, word_embedding, config):
        super(DecomposableModel, self).__init__() = 'DecomposableModel'

        self.drop_p = config['drop_p']

        self.word_dim = word_embedding.embeddings.size(1)
        self.embedding = nn.Embedding(word_embedding.embeddings.size(0), self.word_dim)
        self.embedding.weight = nn.Parameter(word_embedding.embeddings)
        self.embedding.weight.requires_grad = False
        # self.embedding_normalize()

        self.F = nn.Linear(self.word_dim, config['F_dim'])
        self.G = nn.Linear(2 * self.word_dim, config['G_dim'])
        self.H = nn.Linear(2 * config['G_dim'], config['relation_num'])

        self.cuda_flag = config['cuda_flag']

    def forward(self, p_ids, h_ids):


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