How to extract the landmark from the incomplete face image?

I am doing some researches on lip reading and need to extract the landmarks of the mouth. However, the available tech I know like face++ can only get the landmark of the complete face or It will complain that cannot detect the human face. My samples look like, which are incomplete human face, only the area of mouth are available.

What can i do to extract the landmarks of the mouth in such a incomplete human face images? Thanks for any advises.:slight_smile:

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One idea would be to retrain some model like MTCNN on available face / landmarks databases (with more landmarks than the original MTCNN of course), but this time cropping the image to your kind of input and discarding the landmarks you wouldn’t use. It would take minimal code adjustment but heavy preprocessing of the training images…

thanks for your advise
and btw, i found a wonderful project that can do 3d face alignment even the face is incomplete

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