How to get gradients of loss with individual sample in min-batch


I want to get gradients of each sample’s loss w.r.t. each parameters.
Specifically, when

  • the number of total data is N
  • mini-batch size: B
  • parameter (filter) shape: [C_in, C_out, w, h]

I want to get the gradients for each sample, that is

  • gradients shape: [N, C_in, C_out, w, h].

To get the gradients for all samples,
I tried to get the gradients for each mini-batch.

  • graidnets shape: [B, C_in, C_out, w, h]

However, after i use

loss = torch.sum(-onehot*pred, dim=1)
# onehot: [B, # of class]
# pred: [B, # of class]

I found that the gradients of loss w.r.t. parameters


have the shape of [C_in, C_out, w, h] not [B, C_in, C_out, w, h].

That is, the gradients of loss for each sample are accumulated.
How can i get the gradient for each sample?

Is the only way to solve using for-loop?

Thank you…

Doyup Lee

This topic deals with the same question and suggests to use @Yaroslav_Bulatov’s repository. :wink:

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