How to get started contributing to Pytorch?

Hi! I’ve been using Pytorch for the past few months and really enjoy it. I want to get involved in the open source community and contribute to Pytorch. I’ve been following the Github repo and several issues, but I’ve not been able to find an issue that suits a beginner who’s unfamiliar with the codebase. Any advice/tips on how to get started with contributing to an open source project? Thanks!

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Awesome, glad you’re interested in contributing!

I don’t really have general advice to contributing to an open source project because pytorch is the only one I work/worked on, but I’d recommend looking at smaller, beginner friendly issues and getting used to the codebase from there.

Here’s a quote from someone else:
“look at tasks in
Look at something easy, maybe in usability / simple-fixes.
For the internals, look at the posts: and

and feel free to DM me if you find an issue and wonder if it’s newcomer-friendly.