How to get the batch mean and variance inside BatchNorm?

I am trying to implement a variation of BatchNorm and want to use the current code first.
My problem is how to find the batch_mean and batch_std inside the current BatchNorm module.

In the old implementation torch/legacy/nn/
There are save_mean and save_std parameters are generated after forward pass. However, these two parameters are removed in the current version. Is there any way I can achieve these two parameters in the current version?


You could get the running mean and var (exponentially weighted average from last batches) with bn.running_mean and bn.running_var, if that is what you need.


Hi Thanks!
But actually I want the batch_mean and batch_var which were used during the training.
I am implementing the batch renomalization paper Both batch_mean, and running_mean are used during training. Is there any way to access both variables? I am pretty sure they are stored in some way to accelerate the backward propagation.

Ah ok! Sorry, I misunderstood your question.
I think the current gamma and beta values are stored in bn.weight and bn.bias, respectively.


Unfortunately, these are not what I am looking for too.

def batch_norm(input, running_mean, running_var, weight=None, bias=None,
               training=False, momentum=0.1, eps=1e-5):
    f = torch._C._functions.BatchNorm(running_mean, running_var, training, momentum, eps, torch.backends.cudnn.enabled)
    return f(input, weight, bias)

Inside the batch_norm function, torch._C._functions.BatchNorm calculates the batch_mean and batch_var first, and then use them to normalize the batch and update the running_mean and running_var. These two parameters are stored in inside the function. I am wondering is there any easy way I can access this two parameters?

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Ah yeah, I see. My fault :confused:

Have you found the way?

No, there is no easy to do it. Due to the performance, the batch mean/std calculation is inside the cuDNN and used to update the running mean/std directly.
The simple way to do it is running a batch norm module but set it in the evaluation mode. Then you can get the batch mean/std easily in the training.

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Thanks. You can also use this to compute them by yourself. = tmp.transpose(0,1).contiguous().view(c,-1).mean(1)
self.var = tmp.transpose(0,1).contiguous().view(c,-1).var(1)

What I do is to use a hook to inspect the input and output to the batchnorm layer, and I compute the mean and variance of the input to the layer (which should be roughly the same to the one computed by torch._C._functions.BatchNorm).


# 1. define model
model = ...

# 2. register the hook

# 3. the hook function will be called here

and the hook can be defined as:

def printbn(self, input, output):
    print('Inside ' + self.__class__.__name__ + ' forward')
    mean = input[0].mean(dim=0)
    var = input[0].var(dim=0)
batch_mean = torch.mean(input, dim=[0, 2, 3])
batch_var = torch.var(input, dim=[0, 2, 3], unbiased=False)
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