How to get the file name in dataloader

Well, I create d a test data set which contains 13 different objects. After the training I want to use those 13 objects to test my model. I printed confusion matrix for each test data, so I need to get the name of each test data. However I used shuffle in dataloader, which called data_loader_test, when I read test data set. I used data_loader_test.dataset.training_files inside epoch loop to get the file name in each epoch. But it looks like the file name is the same order which all those test data sorted in the file. How can I get the file name order after shuffle?

You could create a custom Dataset and return the image name with the data and target samples.
This would make sure that, even after shuffling, you would still get the corresponding file names for the current data and target batch.

This tutorial gives you a good overview on writing a custom Dataset. :slight_smile:


Oh, thank you so much. I will try this one. :rofl:

hellow, did you succeed? I also meet the problem now.

Yeah, it works, when I pre-process my .npz data, I save those data into a tuple and add the file name into it too. So when I pass them into the data loader, the file name is also in it.

Thank you so much for your reply,and it works in my dataset ,too