How to get the op's name in the TORCH_LIBRARY_IMPL

Here is the piece of my code, I register the conv2d for the new key.
When dispatch into the corresponding function, How can I know it’s conv2d which is being dispatched?

template<class Redispatch, Redispatch* F, class Ret, class ArgList> struct CPU_WrapFunction_ {};

template<class Registered,  class Redispatch, Redispatch* F>    
struct WrapFunction_CPU final {
  using type = CPU_WrapFunction_<Redispatch, F,
                                 typename guts::function_traits<Registered>::return_type,
                                 typename guts::function_traits<Registered>::parameter_types>;  

template<class Redispatch, Redispatch* F, class Ret, class... Args>
struct CPU_WrapFunction_<Redispatch, F, Ret, guts::typelist::typelist<Args...>> {  
  static Ret call(Args... args) {
    **//How to get the op's name here**

    return (*F)(args...);

	  &WrapFunction_CPU<SIGNATURE, SIGNATURE, &FUNC>::type::call);

TORCH_LIBRARY_IMPL(aten, mykey, m){
  KERNEL_CPU(at::conv2d, "conv2d", Tensor (const Tensor &, const Tensor &, const c10::optional<Tensor>&, IntArrayRef, IntArrayRef, IntArrayRef, int64_t))