How to install pytorch from source on orin?

Hi, I want to install pytorch from source on one of the Jetson orins. Currently, I have been able to install pytorch (normal) on Windows and Orin. Additionally, I am in the process of installing pytorch (from source) on my Windows.

Now, I wanted to know how to install pytorch (from source) on a Jetson Orin since I would need to modify the source code and recompile it multiple times. How different is - installing Pytorch (from source) on an Orin from windows since Orin used ARM and Windows uses x86 what could be some of the issues when one tries to port from Windows to Orin?

PS: I’ve already checked out the following link given in pytorch github. But, wanted a more detailed explanation

Thanks a lot !!

You would need to install JetPack as well as some requirements mentioned here. This should allow you to build PyTorch from source.

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