How to judge an empty tensor?

I want to judge whether a tensor is an empty tensor


How about this?

len(tensor.size()) == 0
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Yes, it works
empty_tensor = Variable(torch.FloatTensor())
len(empty_tensor) ==0
,I mean if there are other ways like if pytorch keyword about it

x.nelement() == 0 works too.


Hmmm, if length is an issue then len(x)==0 wins. :grin:
Plus, it is pythonic, though not specifically pytorchic.

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just beware that you can have a tensor with no elements and non-trivial size.

t = torch.zeros(size=(1,0))
t.nelement()   # returns zero, empty in this sense
len(t.size())  # returns two, not empty in this sense!!
len(t)         # returns one, not empty in this sense!!

t = torch.zeros(size=(0,1))
len(t)         # returns zero for this one!

as @drevicko mentioned
len(x) == 0 may not be a good choice, since a tensor may have more than 0 dimensions, but still be empty.
x.nelement() or x.numel() should be good.