How to know the parameter for an effect in sox_effects?

torchaudio.sox_effects.effect_names() gives me the list of all the sox effects in torchaudio. I want to use these effects on my audio files but I don’t know what parameters some of these effects need. For example the effect pitch can be applied by using an integer number that specifies the pitch whereas lowpass requires 2 numbers, whereas reverb needs a character value …as follows:

waveform1, sample_rate1 = torchaudio.load(WAV_PATH)

effects = [
           ['pitch', '1.1'],
  ["lowpass", "-1", "300"], # apply single-pole lowpass filter
  ["speed", "0.8"],  # reduce the speed
                     # This only changes sample rate, so it is necessary to
                     # add `rate` effect with original sample rate after this.
  ["rate", f"{sample_rate1}"],
  ["reverb", "-w"],  # Reverbration gives some dramatic feeling

waveform2, sample_rate2 = torchaudio.sox_effects.apply_effects_tensor(
    waveform1, sample_rate1, effects)

How do I know what values to specify for other sox effects such as 'allpass, chorus, divide, …" Is there any documentation available. Please help

I’m not entirely sure, but would assume that the effect parameters are the same as when calling sox directly and are defined in their docs.