How to only make a change to a submodule and then update Pytorch

I’m making modifications to third party submodule (Gloo third_party/gloo) to accommodate my use cases and I want to test them through PyTorch without building it from scratch. Is there a way to rebuild PyTorch and incorporate these changes without going through the whole build process again as I only changed the Gloo source? Cutting down time is the main target here. Step by step guide to just build a submodule and incorporate it into the already built PyTorch would be most appreciated.

Only the initial source build would need to rebuild the entire framework. Changes to local files would then trigger incremental builds for the changed files. However, I’m not sure how third party dependencies are handled and if changes there would be detected properly, so you should try it out and report here how changes in gloo are treated.

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Thank you! I’ll double check and report back.

Confirm that even for the third-party repo (Gloo in this case) only the changes were compiled when building.

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