How to read .pt file

I would like to know the general way to read .pt file generated by pytorch, since I want to figure out how the data is organized and read the values so that I can make some modification on it and change the structure.
Could somebody tell me how to read that? Thank you so much.


You can take a look at this tutorial for more details on how saving and loading models in PyTorch are done.

The model’s state_dict is just a regular python dictionary once it is loaded. Maybe this thread can help you understand how to manipulate it, i.e., add/or change parameters, etc.


I still can not make sense of it

What do you mean? You can just use torch.load.

Thanks. I want to use it in Django

The problem is installing torch in a virtual environment keeps failing to I can’t use torch.load

Please don’t post pictures/screenshots. Post the actual code/error in text.

Seems like you just did pip install torch which won’t work well on Windows. Follow the guidelines here:

PS: you probably want to use a fully packaged 64-bit version of Python, which you do not seem to be using right now (wheel missing, 32-bit version). So e.g. this one.

Can models saved in .pt format be used to inference in python? I know that .pth files can be used, are .pt files used in the same way?