How to resolve the below error

on running the below line

from models import *
Following error occurs
2 from utils import *
3 import os, sys, time, datetime, random
4 import torch
5 from import DataLoader

~/Downloads/models/ in
23 from base import *
24 from props import *
—> 25 from references import *
26 from utils import *

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘references’

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The references module cannot be found in your current environment.
Make sure the files are located in your working directory or in some subdirectory they should be loaded from.
Have a look at the Python Import System for more information.

I am having trouble resolving the same error. pip install has worked pretty well at resolving missing modules, but I am unable to figure out what module is named ‘references’.

I was assuming that the original post used a custom module named references, which wasn’t found in the current working directory, so you could check for the same issue.