How to Reverse a Torch Tensor

How to Reverse a Torch Tensor

There is not yet slicing with negative indices in pytorch, but this issue is being tracked in .
In the mean time, you can use index_select for that

tensor = torch.rand(10) # your tensor
# create inverted indices
idx = [i for i in range(tensor.size(0)-1, -1, -1)]
idx = torch.LongTensor(idx)
inverted_tensor = tensor.index_select(0, idx)

Hi, it looks like this can’t work on torch.autograd.variable.Variable. Is there any way to reverse a specific dimension in a Variable? Thanks!

It should work once you wrap idx in a Variable

If your use case is to reverse sequences to use in Bidirectional RNNs, I just create a clone and flip using numpy.

rNpArr = np.flip(fTensor.numpy(),0).copy()   #Reverse of copy of numpy array of given tensor
rTensor = torch.from_numpy(rNpArr)          

Can you try something like:

import torch as pt

aa = pt.tensor([[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]])
idx = [i for i in range(aa.size(0)-1, -1, -1)]
idx = pt.LongTensor(idx)
inverted_tensor = pt.index_select(aa,0,idx)
print(“Before ::”,aa)
print(“After ::”,inverted_tensor)