How to set the value of model parameter

I want to modify a value of a model parameter, test the accuracy, then restore the original value:

#save the parameter values
orig_params = []
for n, p in model.named_parameters():
	if n == 'conv1.weight':
		print('\nInitial values:\np: {}'.format([0, 0, :1]))
		print(' {}'.format([0, 0, :1]))

#modify conv1 weights:, 0.05))

#restore the original values:
for orig_p, (n, p) in zip(orig_params, model.named_parameters()):
	if n == 'conv1.weight':
		print('\nAfter modifying\np: {}'.format([0, 0, :1]))
		print(' {}'.format([0, 0, :1]))
		print('orig_p: {}'.format([0, 0, :1]))

	p = orig_p.clone()

	if n == 'conv1.weight':
		print('\nAfter restoring p:\np: {}'.format([0, 0, :1]))
		print(' {}'.format([0, 0, :1]))
		print('orig_p: {}'.format([0, 0, :1]))

Note that to modify weights of conv1 layer I’m using, but to restore the original value I’m using the corresponding element in model.named_parameters() list.

For some reason, this does not work:

Initial values:
p:                    [[-0.045 -0.048 -0.05  -0.089 -0.085]]    [[-0.045 -0.048 -0.05  -0.089 -0.085]]

After modifying
p:                    [[-0.019 -0.014 -0.057 -0.056 -0.099]]    [[-0.019 -0.014 -0.057 -0.056 -0.099]]
orig_p:               [[-0.045 -0.048 -0.05  -0.089 -0.085]]

After restoring p:
p:                    [[-0.045 -0.048 -0.05  -0.089 -0.085]]    [[-0.019 -0.014 -0.057 -0.056 -0.099]]
orig_p:               [[-0.045 -0.048 -0.05  -0.089 -0.085]]

You can see that even though p and conv1.weight should point to the same memory, and changing does change, changing p does not change I’d like to understand what’s going on here.

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.clone() is not a shared memory operation.
In the first for loop, you clone the conv1.weight to orig_params, here conv1.weight and p point to the same memory, and orig_params points to another memory.
Then changing the value of p and conv1.weight together, because they are sharing the same memory.
In the second loop before clone to p, p and conv1.weight still share the same memory, but after cloning the case becomes different, p and conv1.weight don’t use the same memory, so modify the value of p will not influnce conv1.weight's value.
Additionally, you could add A is B in each if-clause to check if they point to the same memory. I have checked that:

# the first if
p is conv1.weight -> True
# the second if
p is conv1.weight -> True
# the third if
p is conv1.weight -> False

Thanks, but that’s pretty much what I’m trying to understand: why is changing p, which is a model parameter, which is the same object as model.conv1.weight, does not change model.conv1.weight?

Why is there a difference between assigning something to p and assigning something to model.conv1.weight?

Because after .clone() in the second loop, p and model.conv1.weight point to different memory, so modifying p doesn’t influence value of model.conv1.weight.

But at the modification between two loops, p and model.conv1.weight still point to the same memory, so changing the value of model.conv1.weght will change the value of p as well.