How to set up Warmup followed by ReduceLRonPlateau?

I want to linearly increase my learning rate using LinearLR followed by using ReduceLROnPlateau.
I assumed we could use SequentialLR to achieve the same as below

            warmup_scheduler = torch.optim.lr_scheduler.LinearLR(
                self.model_optim, start_factor=0.05, end_factor=1, total_iters=3
            reduce_lrop_scheduler = torch.optim.lr_scheduler.ReduceLROnPlateau(
            lr_scheduler = torch.optim.lr_scheduler.SequentialLR(
                schedulers=[warmup_scheduler, reduce_lrop_scheduler],

As expected, the LR goes up from almost 0 and reaches a constant value, but then when I hit the first milestone, I get an error saying ReduceLROnPlateau doesn’t have an attribute called get_last_lr.
Full error below:

  File "/home/<user>/miniconda3/envs/pyt/lib/python3.9/site-packages/pytorch_lightning/core/", line 1560, in lr_scheduler_step
  File "/home/<user>/miniconda3/envs/pyt/lib/python3.9/site-packages/torch/optim/", line 647, in step
    self._last_lr = self._schedulers[idx].get_last_lr()
AttributeError: 'ReduceLROnPlateau' object has no attribute 'get_last_lr'

I’m using PyTorch lightning to handle the optimisation but I assume the problem lies in incompatibility of ReduceLROnPlateau with SequentialLR. I looked around in different forums but couldn’t find a satisfactory answer.
Side note: I’d like the final learning rate to be 3e-5 after the warmup so I set the initial LR as 3e-5 and end_factor as 1 with initial factor being 0.05. This results in the final lr after warm up to be 1.5e-6 which is off by a factor of 20. I don’t quite understand why this happens, help on that would also be appreciated.

I’m on torch version 1.11.0+cu113, and pytorch-lightning version 1.6.4

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I could achieve this using two optimizers and two lr schedulers. first one runs for warmup number of batches, second one runs for train_batches - warmup_batches.
Screenshots from TB

Here are the relevant code snippets from LightningModule class:

def create_optimizer(self):
    return torch.optim.AdamW(self.parameters(),, weight_decay=0.1)
def lr_warmup_config(self):
    def warmup(step):
        This method will be called for ceil(warmup_batches/accum_grad_batches) times,
        warmup_steps has been adjusted accordingly
        if self.warmup_steps <= 0:
            factor = 1
            factor = min(step / self.warmup_steps, 1)
        return factor

    opt1 = self.create_optimizer()
    return {
        'frequency': self.warmup_batches,
        'optimizer': opt1,
        'lr_scheduler': {
            'scheduler': torch.optim.lr_scheduler.LambdaLR(opt1, warmup),
            'interval': 'step',
            'frequency': 1,
            'name': 'lr/warmup'

def lr_decay_config(self):
    opt2 = self.create_optimizer()
    return {
        'frequency': self.train_batches - self.warmup_batches,
        'optimizer': opt2,
        'lr_scheduler': {
            # threshold=0.01, threshold_mode='rel' means :
            #   metric should be improving by at least 1% within patience steps
            'scheduler': torch.optim.lr_scheduler.ReduceLROnPlateau(
                opt2, 'min', factor=self.args.lrdecay_factor, patience=self.args.lrdecay_patience,
                verbose=False, threshold=self.args.lrdecay_threshold, threshold_mode='rel',
                cooldown=self.args.lrdecay_cooldown, min_lr=self.args.lrdecay_min_lr),
            'interval': 'epoch',
            'frequency': 1,
            'monitor': self.args.lrdecay_monitor,
            'strict': False,
            'name': 'lr/reduce_on_plateau',

def configure_optimizers(self):
    return (