How to use part of the samples from data_loader

this is my data_loader part

dataset = torchvision.datasets.ImageFolder('/xxxxxx/coco/', transform=data_transform)
data_loader =, batch_size=batch_size, shuffle=True)

but as you know, the COCO dataset is large, and in my debugging stage, I prefer to use part of the image from COCO, so I try this:

dataset = torchvision.datasets.ImageFolder('/xxxxx/coco/', transform=data_transform)
dataset =, [i for i in range(100)])
data_loader =, batch_size=batch_size, shuffle=True)

I try to use Subset to extract the first 100 images, but fail:

File "/xxxxxxxxx/", line 120, in <module>
    content_img, _ = data_loader[num]
TypeError: 'DataLoader' object does not support indexing

This is part of my training code:

for epoch in range(iter_times):
    print("Epoch %d" % epoch)

    with tqdm(enumerate(data_loader), total=100, ncols=40) as pbar:
        for batch, (content_imgs, _) in pbar:

            # the rest

I know it easy to insert if batch >= 100: break in the loop to solve this problem, but I think it is a bit awkward, so could you help with my trivial problem?
What’s more, I guess data_loader is an iterator, so how can I get an sample of specified index from the data_loader? such as data_loader[3] it is convenient to test my code.
I am a freshman using pytorch, thanks for your patience!

Perhaps you could try with SubsetRandomSampler.

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This is a little bit late, but I hope this can help the others.

In case if you can’t use SubsetRandomSampler, here’s a manual solution for you. (The reason why we can’t use SubsetRandomSampler is because we also need other samplers and two of them won’t work together) You can refer to this question where people get confused too.

If you look closely, the image paths and the associated labels are saved in dataset.samples from ImageFolder output. Therefore, you can do

dataset.samples = [dataset.samples[idx] for idx in your_list_of_interest]
dataset.targets = [dataset.targets[idx] for idx in your_list_of_interest]
dataset.targets = [dataset.targets[idx] for idx in your_list_of_interest]

to subsample

In your case, your_list_of_interest is range(100).