How to use PyTorch's DataLoader together with skorch's GridSearchCV

I am running a PyTorch ANN model (for a classification task) and I am using skorch’s GridSearchCV to search for the optimal hyperparameters.

When I run GridSearchCV using n_jobs=1, it runs really slowly.

When I set n_jobs greater than 1, I get a memory blow-out error. So I am now trying to see if I could use PyTorch’s DataLoader to split up the dataset into batches to avoid the memory blow-out issue when I set n_jobs greater than 1. According to this other PyTorch Forum question (How to use Skorch for data that does not fit into memory?), it appears we could use SliceDataset. My code for this is as below:

# Setting up artifical neural net model
class TabularModel(nn.Module):
    # Initialize parameters embeds, emb_drop, bn_cont and layers
    def __init__(self, emb_szs, n_cont, out_sz, layers, p=0.5):
        self.embeds = nn.ModuleList([nn.Embedding(ni, nf) for ni, nf in emb_szs])
        self.emb_drop = nn.Dropout(p)
        self.bn_cont = nn.BatchNorm1d(n_cont)
        # Create empty list for each layer in the neural net
        layerlist = []
        # Number of all embedded columns for categorical features 
        n_emb = sum((nf for ni, nf in emb_szs))
        # Number of inputs for each layer 
        n_in = n_emb + n_cont
        for i in layers:
            # Set the linear function for the weights and biases, wX + b
            layerlist.append(nn.Linear(n_in, i)) 
            # Using ReLu activation function
            # Normalised all the activation function output values
            # Set some of the normalised activation function output values to zero
            # Reassign number of inputs for the next layer
            n_in = i
        # Append last layer
        layerlist.append(nn.Linear(layers[-1], out_sz))          
        # Create sequential layers
        self.layers = nn.Sequential(*layerlist)
    # Function for feedforward
    def forward(self, x_cat_cont):
        x_cat = x_cat_cont[:,0:cat_train.shape[1]].type(torch.int64)
        x_cont = x_cat_cont[:,cat_train.shape[1]:].type(torch.float32)

        # Create empty list for embedded categorical features
        embeddings = []
        # Embed categorical features
        for i, e in enumerate(self.embeds):
        # Concatenate embedded categorical features
        x =, 1)
        # Apply dropout rates to categorical features
        x = self.emb_drop(x)
        # Batch normalize continuous features
        x_cont = self.bn_cont(x_cont)
        # Concatenate categorical and continuous features
        x =[x, x_cont], 1)
        # Feed categorical and continuous features into neural net layers
        x = self.layers(x)
        return x

# Use cross entropy loss function since this is a classification problem
# Assign class weights to the loss function
criterion_skorch = nn.CrossEntropyLoss
# Use Adam solver with learning rate 0.001
optimizer_skorch = torch.optim.Adam

from skorch import NeuralNetClassifier

# Random seed chosen to ensure results are reproducible by using the same initial random weights and biases, 
# and applying dropout rates to the same random embedded categorical features and neurons in the hidden layers

net = NeuralNetClassifier(module=TabularModel,

from sklearn.model_selection import GridSearchCV

param_grid = {'module__layers': [[30], [50,20]],
              'module__p': [0.0],
              'max_epochs': [150, 175]

from import TensorDataset, DataLoader
from skorch.helper import SliceDataset

# cat_con_train and y_train is a PyTorch tensor
tsr_ds = TensorDataset(cat_con_train.cpu(), y_train.cpu())

torch.manual_seed(0)   # Set random seed for shuffling results to be reproducible
d_loader = DataLoader(tsr_ds, batch_size=100000, shuffle=True)

d_loader_slice_X = SliceDataset(d_loader, idx=0)
d_loader_slice_y = SliceDataset(d_loader, idx=1)

models = GridSearchCV(net, param_grid, scoring='roc_auc', n_jobs=2).fit(d_loader_slice_X, d_loader_slice_y)

However, when I ran this code, I get the following error message:

TypeError                                 Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-47-df3fc792ad5e> in <module>()
--> 105 models = GridSearchCV(net, param_grid, scoring='roc_auc', n_jobs=2).fit(d_loader_slice_X, d_loader_slice_y)

6 frames
/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/skorch/ in __getitem__(self, i)
    230     def __getitem__(self, i):
    231         if isinstance(i, (int, np.integer)):
--> 232             Xn = self.dataset[self.indices_[i]]
    233             Xi = self._select_item(Xn)
    234             return self.transform(Xi)

TypeError: 'DataLoader' object does not support indexing

I am now confused because based on the other PyTorch Forum question I had mentioned above, someone there said that SliceDataset could work with DataLoader, but I am getting this error message above. What is wrong and/or how do I fix this?

Many many thanks in advance!

The linked post mentions to wrap the Dataset into SliceDataset, not the DataLoader, which cannot be directly indexed.
I don’t know about the skorch internals and don’t know, if this would solve your issue, but this explains the raised error.

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Ok many thanks @ptrblck. I will have to ask the skorch team on this question.