How to use tensorboar in pytorch

so im using the pytorch-nighty and wanna see how to use tensorboard in pytorch
I am following steps here:
everything works okay

when i reach to this line:
tensorboard --logdir=runs
I have no clue what should i do? how should i visualize?
if i just have that in my code it will give the error that:
SyntaxError: can't assign to operator
can anyone give me a suggestion? it should not be difficult I just cannot figure how to do the visualization

In your Python script, you would have to create a SummaryWriter and log some values/images/etc. using it as described in the code example in the docs.

In another terminal you then start TensorBoard using tensorboard --logdir=runs with additional arguments if needed.
This will create the tensorboard process, so that you can inspect the saved logs in your browser (default: localhost:6006).

You can check TensorboadX Documentation. It works perfectly and there are some examples to guide you through this.

I’m currently experimenting with the new implementation of Tensorboard in Torch.Utilis and so far it works fine.
The only problem I have is that I have to restart the process every time to update the scalar graphs (maybe also the other Graph-Types, but I did not test them).
I see, that Tensorboard detect new log files, but it do not show the data until i kill and restart the process.
Is there a possability to fix this, right now?